Cristina Desa has a holistic view in the treatment of psychiatric disorders and she will explore your family dynamics, social and emotional problems, medical conditions, lifestyle, work stressors, life stressors and relationship patterns.She will explore your likes, dislikes, issues, family dynamics, your social life, your relationships, strengths and triggers.During your follow up appointments she will develop a treatment plan based on the information you provided.She will explore all aspects of your life and give you insight into your coping patterns based on your life experiences."Getting to know oneself is an exciting journey that gives you purpose but is also an ongoing process that requires patience. Many changes or adjustments  are sometimes necessary so you can feel balanced to be your best to the people you love the most." 

    Cristina Desa invites you to her practice so together you can both discover the real meaning to your life.

     “ I am looking forward to get to know you and guide you in this transforming journey”

 Cristina Desa

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